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Electrical Signs

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Channel Letters


Looking for an illuminated sign for your storefront or business? Channel letters are the most commonly used retail storefront signage today, creating a professional look with plenty of options. Make your small business look big. Our Channel Letters feature-

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Translucent Vinyl Overlays
  • U.L Approved Illumination
  • Your choice of-
    • Face Lit or Reverse (Halo Lit) Channel Letters
    • Raceway or Direct Mounting
    • L.E.D. or Neon Illumination

All of our channel letters are U.L. listed, and we use only the highest quality materials along with proven components when assembling your sign. Channel letters can be made with neon or LED illumination.

Whether you want standard, reverse or open channel letters utilizing LED or neon illumination, we get you the look you want.

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Light Boxes (Cabinet Signs)


Cabinet Signs are illuminated with high output fluorescent lamps. The lamps are contained within the sign cabinet. The light is transmitted through an acrylic or routed aluminum face. Acrylic, plexiglass, or Lexan faces are usually decorated with high quality vinyl graphics.

All Cabinet signs have one thing in common – they’re in a “box”. But, the box could be any shape and size you need. Everything from a simple square, rectangle or circle to a dolphin or a doghouse. Whatever suits your needs, Quality Sign Center can produce it for you.

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Pylon Signs


Pylon Signs are freestanding signs with a visible support structure. Often called pole signs, pylons may be internally or externally illuminated and offer excellent visibility from a distance. A pylon sign is a detached sign permanently installed in or on the ground, supported by uprights, braces, columns, poles, or other vertical members which are not attached to a building, and where the bottom edge of the sign face is generally located at a height of 10 to 12 feet above the base of the sign.

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Monument Signs


A monument sign adds a professional look to your business and also makes your business easy to find. Placed in front of your business in a prominent and strategic location, your monument sign directs traffic to your business.

Monument signs can make your business visible and easy to find. The main purpose of the monument signs are not only to make your business easy to locate, but also to leave a memorable impression on all who see it. This dramatically increases your business’s exposure and strengthen your corporate identity.

At Quality Sign Center we offer custom sign solution for design, fabrication and installation of your monument sign.